She is someone who has endured trying times, but has come out of the other side with acceptance and compassion. 

She is molded by the lessons of her life experiences.

Her mistakes and failures do not break her.

They make her.

With every hardship, she learns, evolves and grows. 

She is fiery in her pursuit for knowledge and knows that it is infinite and limitless

She has a depth to her that loves and values herself in a way that no one ever will. 

She is grounded, independent and strong.

She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in or wants in her life.

She knows herself, what she wants and is not rushed in life.

She is a free spirit and she is unapologetic about it. 

She knows that wisdom lives within her and it is embodied and felt. 

This wise woman is You.

She is all of us. 

To meet her and know her, we must embody:

  • Wisdom - taking the lessons from our past experiences and implementing them into our lives
  • Insight - identifying old patterns that hold us back
  • Self-Discovery - acknowledging and accepting all aspects of who we are
  • Empowerment - having the unwavering belief that we are powerful beyond measure

If you are here...


You have settled for people, jobs or experiences that don’t feel good.

You have a hard time saying no.

You feel frustrated that you are unable to make a change.

You feel you are dating the wrong people over and over. 

You procrastinate or put something off that you need to do.

If this all sounds too familiar, then you may be caught in the cycle of self-sabotaging!

Once you are aware of this subconscious pattern, you’ll be able to clear a path for your inner wisdom to surface.

That is when the magic happens! When we are able to get out of our own heads, take action, our inner wise woman shines through.  

What would your life look like if you started listening to your inner wisdom?  

I imagine it might feel something like...

  • love

    Waking up next to a partner you genuinely love every morning

  • love

    Working at a job that actually excites you and makes you feel valued

  • love

    Feeling supported and loved by your community and friends

  • love

    Finding ease in saying no without guilt

  • love

    Making difficult decisions with confidence and trust

Meet Presley & Alex

Presley Yarrow

Conscious Love Specialist

Alex Grant

Heart & Mindfulness Coach

In this workshop, Presley & Alex will teach you the fundamentals of W.I.S.E by providing guidance on how to make powerful shifts from not knowing how to make changes to building a trusting relationship with your inner voice.

Here’s what some of our past clients have to say about our work together:


“Working with Presley has allowed for deep sharing and vulnerability. She is able to help you identify key areas for change and bring self-awareness to her clients.”


“Not only does Alex take the time to share information using different mediums, but she has a way of explaining spiritual concepts in a way that is so palatable and refreshing. The combination of opening up, trying new things, and learning new things has changed my life.”


“Presley grounds her coaching with very tangible inputs that lead to sustainable impactful changes.”


“Alex’s heart-led style of facilitating reflects who she is as a human being: a deeply loving person who is on a mission to help her communities find healing and growth through their own hearts.”

The  W.I.S.E workshop will be led by TWO experts who individually have over 10 years of experience in the personal transformation space.

Both Presley and Alex have helped hundreds of clients make sustainable and real changes in their lives. 

Not only do they bring first-hand experience, but they have also successfully coached and guided many clients using this exact formula.

Inner wisdom is clarity, independence and having a deep sense of knowing about who you are. 

It's knowing and it’s also learning how to practice this authority and feel powerful in doing so. 

No “shoulds” or justifications. Just you doing what you want and what lights you up. 

Pause for a moment.

Notice the dialogue happening inside your mind and around you?

That’s the noise that is overshadowing your inner wisdom. 

Life is truly meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. 


This is your friendly reminder that we weren’t put on this earth to work our lives away at unfulfilling jobs, settle for mediocre relationships or wake up feeling anything except happiness. 

So the question is....

Are you ready to dig deep and rediscover this voice among the noise in your life? 

It’s time, boo. 

The world needs you. All of you.

Living in your truth and making decisions that feel like a full body YES. 

You are worth more and you know it. 

Your inner wisdom is always guiding you. All you have to do is listen. 

And without a doubt, great changes await you on the other side of courage. Things that you don’t even know exist yet. 

Are you ready to find out?

What's Included:

  • 3

    An hour long deep visualization session that works on releasing old patterns and parts of yourself that ultimately hold you back from your personal growth

  • 3

    Archetype knowledge and nurturing exercises that help you understand your inner child and wounds

  • 3

    Mindfulness tools that help you shift the stories you’ve carried from the younger parts of yourself so you can begin to write a new one

  • 3

    Tactical steps that teach you how to set strong and loving boundaries

  • 3

    Exercises that teach you how to step out of your own way, release the need to people please and focus on living an authentic life


​ONLY $99!

Are you ready to rediscover your inner wisdom?