You deserve the kind of love
that you haven’t had yet

Presley Yarrow was born and raised in a small, Canadian town by two very young and unprepared parents. Coming from a non-traditional background, she had a lot of obstacles growing up, especially when it came to relationships with men and herself.

Over time her desire to be happy and have healthy relationships, pushed her into self-exploration so that she could overcome the thoughts and beliefs she was raised with to become the astounding business professional she is today.

Presley is a certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Clinical Couples Therapist. She has created a tried and tested methodology that will have you look deep within yourself, your patterns and break free from negative subconscious beliefs. With her guidance you will be ready to enter into a thriving relationship where Conscious Love will come pouring in.

A personal note from Presley:

I get a lot of clients who come to me feeling defeated and one of the things they'll say is, "Presley, you don't get it. You're this happy woman, who has it all. And you already have love - how could you understand where I'm coming from."

And the answer is simply: because I've been there.

I was the child of a teenage pregnancy; my parents were certainly not prepared…I had a mother who was dependent on men and repeatedly chose her partners happiness over my own needs… My father struggled being the adult figure I needed as a child. He had unresolved anger issues and I felt his absence and rage on a personal level… I'd like to say that being raised in this environment didn't affect me.. But seeing the way my mom highly regarded her unhealthy partners and the way my father jumped from relationship to relationship, deeply impacted my own love life.

Meanwhile, in my professional life, I seemed to have it all…

I was successful, having a full-time job, attending university, and constantly having a boyfriend although, my personal life was anything but. I felt self-critical. Fearful of being wounded by those I wanted to love me And willing to do anything for that love. I chose men who were elusive and emotionally unavailable, subjecting myself to the emotional roller coaster of men only showing interest when it suited them.

My relationships were toxic.

After every argument and every break-up, I felt confused, hopeless and alone… And continued down this path for many years; until I got to a breaking point…

I knew it was time to change.

I dove into self-development and my eyes opened to the unhealthy patterns and beliefs I had about myself and love… I went through something only described as transformational…

I was able to break-free from dysfunctional relationships patterns.

meet presley 2

Fast Forward to NOW…

  I AM:

  • love

    Whole on the inside and out

  • love

    I know my value and worth

  • love

    I radiate confidence and self love

And I truly love & accept myself.

And this is what I know, if you think that “it’ll never happen” or that “you’re too broken”- That’s simply not true.

You can always move towards healing and Conscious Love.
I would love to be your guide.

Using my personal and professional experience, I help women break free from negative subconscious beliefs to release dysfunctional patterns in love.

You will work personally with me through a 12-week process called The Love Awakening Method™ where you will let go, cultivate and create a thriving relationship and long-lasting love.

love cyclew

Stage One   Letting Go:

Giving up on love so you can find the man of your dreams.

Stage Two   Learn To Cultivate and Live with Self-Love:

Access the one feminine tool you already possess that’s capable of creating Conscious Love in your life.

Stage Three   Create Your Love Avatar:

Unlock the master code to manifest the relationship you’ve always wanted.

Client Love


“At the start of last year I had a difficult toxic relationship. I was in contact with Presley and she asked me some really intense questions and challenged my thought process. This is where my journey to self-love and self-discovery began. All the time I had her questions, comments and thoughts in my mind. Now, I met who I 100% believe is my soulmate. We have a conscious, open and beautiful relationship because of the things Presley said to me. I am happy beyond words with my partner and so in support of Presley's work”

-H.L. Personal Trainer


“Presley is supportive and encouraging. She provides amazing insight on life and love, and gave me the magic tools to love myself. All of this self-work lead to finding my soon to be husband”

-C.H Director of Operations


“A friend recommended working with Presley. I just got out of a really toxic relationship, and I felt such a void in my life, I was desperately seeking love when I decided to give Presley a call. In just the breakthrough session alone, she taught me about going within to find love and this was extremely foreign but I trusted her guidance. I signed up for her program The Love Awakening Method. I was introduced to many new concepts such as journaling, meditation, manifesting and the most important, self-acceptance. I learned to fill my own void with self-love and this feeling of wholeness began to build. Because of Presley, I am ok being by myself and don’t need a partner, I want one when the time is right”

-A.H Online Consultant


“Thank you for the difference you made in my life Presley. I can’t thank you enough. I love my life, have truly accepted myself(through the good, bad and ugly). I don’t settle for anything less than I deserve. I know exactly what I want in relationships and began to match the qualities I wanted my partner to have. Since working with you, I found my soulmate. Life couldn’t be any better! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WOMAN!!”

- N.P Sales Manager


“WOW! I have never felt so listened too and encouraged. There were times in the program where I had to face some difficult growing pains and Presley was right there cheering me on and reminding me of my progress. She helped me persevere through the transformation from my old self to who I am now. Presley has a real approach that is practical and yet spiritual, I felt comfortable with her because she is real about self-development and knows what being human is all about. Her comforting demeanor allows space for accelerated healing and growth. To say who I am and what I want out of life is an understatement. I feel like Wonder Woman ready to take on life and love in whole new way. Thanks, Presley”

- S.T Waitress


“I want to start this testimonial off by saying how skeptical I was beginning this program. I tried EVERYTHING and just couldn’t shake my negative thoughts and doubts, especially when it came to love and myself. I chose to work with Presley because she was warm, personable and knowledgeable. She walked me through some pretty intense beliefs I had about myself and was able to pinpoint the root right away! I have gone through years of therapy and was never able to receive such clarity about myself. I can walk by mirrors and love my reflection. I remind myself everyday about how worthy and valuable I am. And I’ve even gone on dates with men who were respectful and courteous. I feel the positive impact this program has had on me and I highly recommend working with Presley.”

-C.S Real Estate Agent


“Presley opened my mind to what is possible in my life through awareness and introspection, I know I am unique and enough to pursue a healthy relationship now”

- H.L Marketing Executive


“Presley is a truly beautiful soul! Her empathy and compassion has broken through emotional walls for me that I didn’t even realize I had. I am always impressed with her passionate pursuit and knowledge on the inner workings of deep love and connection. It’s comforting to know that I can rest my restless heart and mind in her care and she’s eager to help me feel encouraged with an authentic consciousness. I highly recommend Presley for women seeking to receive and/or give healthy love.  5 out of 5 stars!!”

- R.J Life Coach


“Presley allows for deep sharing and vulnerability that moves you into a future centered and positive space to love yourself and find true love”

-K.M Stewardess


“I am forever grateful for the guidance and growth Presley brought into my life. She has an extraordinary gift that created the space for me to discover my core beliefs and dysfunctional relationship patterns. She has such a unique approach of combining coaching and hypnosis so I could reconnect with the deepest part of me and experience self-love again. Her sessions clear the fog, lift the veil and allow awareness and love back into your life. I am so happy I chose Presley as my guide because I found my answers and I am ready to bring on a healthy relationship I know I deserve”

-M.J Wellness Practitioner


“Working with Presley was a transformational experience. She has the ability to tap directly into your negative subconscious beliefs so you can become aware of your patterns and break the cycle. I found myself again. I knew she was there but all I needed was Presley’s guidance to get me to her again. I trusted Presley throughout the entire process, and she over-delivered on her promises. I can truly say that I am who I am today because of Presley, and I couldn’t be happier for that. ”

-R.C Branch Manager


“Working with Presley in her coaching capacity is a wonderfully humanistic experience. Presley's vast experience and her appetite for learning in the human development space, is a powerful combination when it comes to transformational coaching. She can ground her coaching in very tangible inputs that lead to sustainable and impactful changes. She lives and leads by demonstrating the power of transformational theory in her own life - showing a deep respect for, and understanding of her craft. Trust is key to a fruitful coaching relationship and the fact that she leads by example and demonstrates light, empathy and humility in her approach to others, creates an environment of safety for the coachee. Presley is able to suspend her own sense of judgement when working through coaching conversations, which allows for deep sharing and vulnerability; critical for identifying key areas for change and bringing about self-awareness in the coachee”

-Z.W Senior Director, YPO