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Presley Yarrow.

North America’s #1 Conscious Love Specialist

For women who have been searching for a healthy, stable and long-lasting relationship but just can’t seem to find it…


Dear Love-Seeker,

You may not know me, but there’s a good chance you’re familiar with my story… or a story like it. The first ten years of my dating life were a train wreck. From the outside looking in, it appeared like I had it all. I was dating attractive, talented men.

Professional athletes… rich guys… and entrepreneurs. The kind of guys society tells us to fantasize about.

But the truth is… I was dying inside. I chose men who were not good to me or for me… I compromised my values… And I chose to stick around even when there was a lack of action and a continuous stream of lies... I thought I was heading towards love… But at the end of the day, after all my efforts, all I had was a growing distrust for men and a smashed up apartment.

But you know what?

Hitting rock bottom might have been the best thing that ever happened to me. Because this experience set me on a transformative journey. And after many years of deep exploration... Trial and error… Research and study… I discovered tools and created The Love Awakening Method™ (L.A.M.), a tried and tested methodology to attract healthy love and a thriving relationship.

Not the kind of love you see on TV. Or that pop stars sing about… But a mature love that grows deeper as the years go on. That nurtures and respects you as a woman and individual. And that fills your life with simple joy and security.

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How to Master Conscious Love


It took breaking free from dysfunctional relationship patterns, diving into self-discovery that led to finding healthy Conscious Love. And now I'd like to show you how to do the same thing using L.A.M.

Not so you can just “find a man”… Or finally delete all your online dating apps... But so you can gain the confidence to attract the type of man you want... And let go of self-esteem issues that have held you back for years from finding love.

Let me show you how it’s possible….


“Presley’s personal experience mixed with her expert advice inspired my growth and development to believe in myself and love again because I know what I deserve.”

T.L International Private School Teacher

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I’ve Seen Love Grow in 7 Different Countries

I’m Presley Yarrow

North America’s ONLY Conscious Love Specialist and creator of The Love Awakening Method™

I’ll explain exactly what that is in just a moment.

For the last three years, I’ve made it my mission to break down the exact steps it takes for a woman to find a truly nourishing, mature relationship. This journey has taken me all across the globe. I’ve worked at World Class Retreat Centers from Dubai to Thailand and Hawaii.

I have had the opportunity to connect and work with hundreds of women around the world in 7 different countries. I’ve worked with fortune 500 executives, professional athletes and celebrities... And even though these women were successful and pretty much had it all, they were missing a partner.

While working with these women, I discovered the root of their issue in finding “the one”...


As a certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Clinical Couples Therapist, I have found that it’s important to work through unhealthy relationship patterns and negative belief systems to find a life partner. And after years of experience working with women and helping them let go of self-esteem issues, gain confidence and find a life partner...

I decided to create my very own business and design a powerful method to help even more women. Today, I am committed to providing women with the real keys to conscious love and stable long lasting relationships.

These days I use this experience to help women find the confidence and knowledge to attract the kind of loyal, mature man that will love them for a lifetime.

Let me tell you about my method...

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The Sad Truth About “Self-Love”

Relationship advice online is broken...
Hundreds of these relationship gurus and coaches are trying to teach you how to find a man and they aren’t even in happy relationships of their own. They are providing cookie cutter advice with a one size fits all solution... Because they aren’t taking the time to listen to you and discover what you need. Most of these people aren’t really interested in what you want, they just want to cash a check and move on. They are teaching you out of date techniques and ideas like... Using male centric advice. There’s even female relationship coaches trying to teach women all about serving the man... They look at what he wants and needs... They are still stuck in a male paradigm. And on top of that, there is an issue that I believe is fundamentally the biggest problem... It’s this one phrase that gets mentioned over and over again…

Everyone is talking about it… It’s this widely held belief in our culture today... “In order to love someone else, you need to love yourself” And yes, we should all love ourselves, that is important...

But... That phrase holds virtually no weight.

There is a reality about that phrase that virtually no one talks about. In today’s world, self-care is labelled as “self-love”... Open up any influencer account on Instagram and they will tell you to go shopping and “treat yourself” with #selflove And you can follow these pages that give that kind of advice ... You can also believe that having a glass of wine and a bubble bath on a Friday night is “loving yourself”... Because you should relax. You should even treat yourself but... Here’s the real truth... This will not help you find a partner. It should be so obvious but nobody is telling you this. And look, it’s not your fault… That’s why you are here… And I know it may seem crazy but you can and will find a partner…

It’s just that we need to explore the REAL self-love…
Because self love is so much deeper than what mainstream media tells you.
And that’s why I’m here... To show you something mind blowing... This is an extraordinary new way of approaching relationships... Diving into the depths of self-love... And taking your romantic life into your own hands...

Today I’d like to introduce you to...


This program is a dramatically different approach to relationships...
Here are a few things that you’ll receive from the program:

  • love

    A belief framework that gives you the foundation to live free, live happy and ready to enter into the relationship you really want.

  • love

    An exercise that cracks the code on self-love so you can step into any room and others can feel your glow of inner confidence

  • love

    A powerful guide that helps you create clarity around the man of your dreams so you can manifest him into reality

  • love

    The 3 secret questions that you should know to begin attracting the perfect life partner

I've seen what actually works in real life, for real women just like you so you can discover how to find love with the man that’s right for you in a thriving, healthy relationship. The Love Awakening Method™ can help you do just that. You will be given simple exercises on how to love yourself to get you closer to the one. If you are craving a program that helps you find a stable and secure relationship...

Here’s what The Love Awakening Method™ can do for you:

  • love

    Teaches you how to create a “Love Avatar” for that special moment where you lock eyes with your soulmate and both of you “just know”

  • love

    You will learn all about the “Mental Love Garden” so you can plant the seeds of intention to bring the relationship you have always desired into full bloom

  • love

    Discover the “Time Travel Technique” that allows you to step into the past, let go of destructive patterns so, you can move forward ready for Conscious Love

  • love

    Use the “Fire Cleansing Activity” to burn away old relationships and set you up for future relationship success

  • love

    Unlock the “Female Superpower” you already possess that’s capable of unlocking lasting love

This is why I am so excited to share this program with you... And now, I want to share this with women all across the world.

But wait… If any of this scares you or makes you uncomfortable… Then this program is not for you.

You see, L.A.M. has been created for women ready to step into a new awakened type of love.

Where you are open to share your hopes and dreams with your partner. Get vulnerable about your fears. And trust that he will stick by your side. A relationship built to last and a love that gets stronger with time. If this has been a deep desire of yours then, it’s time for us to talk.

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The Buried Treasure

I’m sure that by now you can see how powerful this program really is and by reading this shows me that you are serious about your love life...

And because of that, you are already ahead of 99% of the other women.

And if this discovery has taught me anything, it's that there are two kinds of women in this world - women who get what they truly want in life because they’re courageous enough to try something new and women who don’t… because they’re just not quite ready yet. And if that’s you, that’s okay.

But this program is for the kind of woman who is willing to find her worth and no longer settle for anything less.

Because of that, I wanna show you more on a breakthrough call today...

And when you book the call, not only will you get more information about the program but I will ask specific questions to break down your subconscious belief systems that have been holding you back from Conscious Love and a long lasting, healthy relationship...

Because one thing is for certain, when you can learn about what’s getting in your own way, then it makes moving through the program that much easier.

Let’s hop on a call today and begin your journey of breaking free from dysfunctional relationship patterns so you can dive into self-discovery and find Conscious Love.

I love connecting with women around the world and discussing love.

I truly think it’s my calling to help women break down negative subconscious patterns to find the love they deserve. And when I was going through my 10 years of relationship disasters I would have loved for some guidance.

I am passionate about what I do and take it seriously. Time is extremely valuable. So, if you are willing to do the work and show up for yourself... Then we will be a great fit.

Take advantage of this offer because it will only last for 24 hours...

If you are ready to commit to this process you will get the results that you are looking for.

Just book your call now so you have the opportunity to begin learning all about The Love Awakening Method™ and your subconscious belief systems.

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Here is The Key to Unlocking it All

Right now you have an important decision to make. In fact, it’s possible it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. It’s a decision that will have a dramatic effect, not only on your romantic relationships but also on you. You could continue down the same path of struggling with your relationships... Seeing your friends getting engaged on Facebook while you continue dating the wrong men. Heading back to an empty home after a long day at work. Staying in on a Friday night lonely with a glass of wine. And checking off the singles box time and time again...

Or you could take action and change the course of your life. It’s time to delete all of your online dating apps for good and log into your forever relationship.

Are you ready to learn how to use real self-love to attract a quality man.. Do you want to wake up a year from now to a secure relationship and a good man lying next to you...

A relationship with stability and plans for the future..
A life filled with Conscious Love.

Right now, I am handing you the key to unlock this precious reality. All you have to do is decide between the same life you’ve been living of heartache and disappointment or happiness and true love.

And that decision is the only thing standing between you and the love you deserve. So take advantage of this before it’s too late. It’s time to book a call. And if you love what you discover and would like some help implementing it… To find healthy stable long lasting love.. To dive into self-love… And let go of everything you’ve ever learnt about love.

We can discuss a way to work together in an ongoing way. I know you want the change and I know you want it now. I look forward to talking to you soon.

Lots of love,
Presley Yarrow
Conscious Love Specialist

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Client Love


“At the start of last year I had a difficult toxic relationship. I was in contact with Presley and she asked me some really intense questions and challenged my thought process. This is where my journey to self-love and self-discovery began. All the time I had her questions, comments and thoughts in my mind. Now, I met who I 100% believe is my soulmate. We have a conscious, open and beautiful relationship because of the things Presley said to me. I am happy beyond words with my partner and so in support of Presley's work”

-H.L. Personal Trainer


“Presley is supportive and encouraging. She provides amazing insight on life and love, and gave me the magic tools to love myself. All of this self-work lead to finding my soon to be husband”

-C.H Director of Operations


“A friend recommended working with Presley. I just got out of a really toxic relationship, and I felt such a void in my life, I was desperately seeking love when I decided to give Presley a call. In just the breakthrough session alone, she taught me about going within to find love and this was extremely foreign but I trusted her guidance. I signed up for her program The Love Awakening Method. I was introduced to many new concepts such as journaling, meditation, manifesting and the most important, self-acceptance. I learned to fill my own void with self-love and this feeling of wholeness began to build. Because of Presley, I am ok being by myself and don’t need a partner, I want one when the time is right”

-A.H Online Consultant


“Thank you for the difference you made in my life Presley. I can’t thank you enough. I love my life, have truly accepted myself(through the good, bad and ugly). I don’t settle for anything less than I deserve. I know exactly what I want in relationships and began to match the qualities I wanted my partner to have. Since working with you, I found my soulmate. Life couldn’t be any better! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WOMAN!!”

- N.P Sales Manager


“WOW! I have never felt so listened too and encouraged. There were times in the program where I had to face some difficult growing pains and Presley was right there cheering me on and reminding me of my progress. She helped me persevere through the transformation from my old self to who I am now. Presley has a real approach that is practical and yet spiritual, I felt comfortable with her because she is real about self-development and knows what being human is all about. Her comforting demeanor allows space for accelerated healing and growth. To say who I am and what I want out of life is an understatement. I feel like Wonder Woman ready to take on life and love in whole new way. Thanks, Presley”

- S.T Waitress


“I want to start this testimonial off by saying how skeptical I was beginning this program. I tried EVERYTHING and just couldn’t shake my negative thoughts and doubts, especially when it came to love and myself. I chose to work with Presley because she was warm, personable and knowledgeable. She walked me through some pretty intense beliefs I had about myself and was able to pinpoint the root right away! I have gone through years of therapy and was never able to receive such clarity about myself. I can walk by mirrors and love my reflection. I remind myself everyday about how worthy and valuable I am. And I’ve even gone on dates with men who were respectful and courteous. I feel the positive impact this program has had on me and I highly recommend working with Presley.”

-C.S Real Estate Agent


“Presley opened my mind to what is possible in my life through awareness and introspection, I know I am unique and enough to pursue a healthy relationship now”

- H.L Marketing Executive


“Presley is a truly beautiful soul! Her empathy and compassion has broken through emotional walls for me that I didn’t even realize I had. I am always impressed with her passionate pursuit and knowledge on the inner workings of deep love and connection. It’s comforting to know that I can rest my restless heart and mind in her care and she’s eager to help me feel encouraged with an authentic consciousness. I highly recommend Presley for women seeking to receive and/or give healthy love.  5 out of 5 stars!!”

- R.J Life Coach


“Presley allows for deep sharing and vulnerability that moves you into a future centered and positive space to love yourself and find true love”

-K.M Stewardess


“I am forever grateful for the guidance and growth Presley brought into my life. She has an extraordinary gift that created the space for me to discover my core beliefs and dysfunctional relationship patterns. She has such a unique approach of combining coaching and hypnosis so I could reconnect with the deepest part of me and experience self-love again. Her sessions clear the fog, lift the veil and allow awareness and love back into your life. I am so happy I chose Presley as my guide because I found my answers and I am ready to bring on a healthy relationship I know I deserve”

-M.J Wellness Practitioner


“Working with Presley was a transformational experience. She has the ability to tap directly into your negative subconscious beliefs so you can become aware of your patterns and break the cycle. I found myself again. I knew she was there but all I needed was Presley’s guidance to get me to her again. I trusted Presley throughout the entire process, and she over-delivered on her promises. I can truly say that I am who I am today because of Presley, and I couldn’t be happier for that. ”

-R.C Branch Manager


“Working with Presley in her coaching capacity is a wonderfully humanistic experience. Presley's vast experience and her appetite for learning in the human development space, is a powerful combination when it comes to transformational coaching. She can ground her coaching in very tangible inputs that lead to sustainable and impactful changes. She lives and leads by demonstrating the power of transformational theory in her own life - showing a deep respect for, and understanding of her craft. Trust is key to a fruitful coaching relationship and the fact that she leads by example and demonstrates light, empathy and humility in her approach to others, creates an environment of safety for the coachee. Presley is able to suspend her own sense of judgement when working through coaching conversations, which allows for deep sharing and vulnerability; critical for identifying key areas for change and bringing about self-awareness in the coachee”

-Z.W Senior Director, YPO